It has been a global phenomenon in an advancing society to focus more attention on culture and education ;
not to mention the three basic needs : eating, clothing, and housing. Growing necessities towards knowledge,
quality books, trying to pace up with globalism – kind of activities are demanding to be fulfilled at an impartially –
balanced portion among one another.

Is there a possibility open for Indonesia to start leveling herself with the global world ?

Hand in hand we now can do it by means of three inter related elements, they are : 1. Students, 2. Teachers, and 3. Fund.
Among the three, Fund is the one left to be maximized. Talking about the  second element, which is Students, Indonesia
as a nation in general has a very high level of musicality which can be seen also from their  traditional music culture ;
therefore, there is no doubt that Indonesian has a potential to gain some achievements. As for the element of Teachers,
Surabaya Symphony Orchestra is the perfectly fitted organization to provide education and to develop the element of
students through the concept of an exclusive music education, that is the world widely known as classical music.
Surabaya Symphony Orchestra has been the only permanent professional orchestra since the founding year, 1996, that has
held regular concerts as well as educated thousand of musicians through the music school, which is firmly based on the
vision and mission for culture and education.

In your hands as an individual member of society or companies with a social responsibility, there lays a greatly
important role to provide the next generation of Indonesia with global culture and education, the vision and mission
of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra, through both financial and moral supports.

The time has come for all Indonesian children, putting aside all the differences, to be equally given the opportunity
to have an international standard music education that we all support, as well as the opportunity for them to be the next
generation of national musicians.
Through the existence of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra as Surabaya’s permanent orchestra, this city has been leveled up
to be one of the world’s metropolitans that has either a symphony or a philharmonic orchestra. We bear the same
responsibility to preserve it.


Scholarship Program

IDR. 2.905.000,-