Residence Pianist
Esther Karlina Magawe Tong was born in 1947 in Jember. She is the residence pianist of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra,
the person in charge of "Da Capo" children's program as well as the Principal and Director of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra
International Orchestral School of Music. She learnt to play the piano since she was 4 years old under the advise of a
teacher from the Netherlands, Mr. Esweiler and under Madam Magda Ang's advise since 1962. In 1970, she learnt from the
maestro pianist, Madam E. Von R? for years. Esther Karlina Magawe Tong -the wife of the maestro conductor Solomon Tong -
herself started to become a piano teacher since 1964 until currently. During years of her teaching career, she has been
supporting hundreds of students passing piano examinations in various levels. The following is the list of some of her
students? names who has successfully played piano concerto with the accompaniment of full orchestra :

  • Concerto for Piano No.11 in F Major Kv.413 (Mozart) by Melia Vanda.
  • Double Concerto for Piano Duo Bwv 1060 (Bach) by Melia / Hellen.
  • Concerto for Piano No.12 in A Major Kv.414 (Mozart) by Henry Wijaya.
  • Concerto for Piano No.1 in E Minor Op.69 (Chopin) by Melia Vanda.
  • Concerto for Piano No.3 in C Minor (Beethoven) by Sibyl Rosella Soetedja.
  • Concerto for Piano No.1 in G Minor Op.25 (Mendelssohn) by Stefina P. Wibisono.
  • Concerto for Piano No.23 in A Major Kv.488 (Mozart) by Ryan Wijaya.

She often plays solo in piano concerts and has played the piano accompaniment for well-know singers from Indonesia
and international.

From 1962 - 1996 she became the pianist of church choir, as well as theological seminary in several cities.
As a previous music teacher at Petra Christian School, she had also been advisor and conductor of children choir at
church as well.

Acting not only an advisor but also as a conductor of church children choir, teenage choir and ladies
choir for tens of years, she is still ministering at Abdiel Christian Church of Elyon in Surabaya.