Residence Conductor
Tong, Solomon, was born in Xia Men, China, on October 20, 1939. His father passed away when he was only four years old.
He was then brought back by his mother in 1949 to Indonesia, her home country. Since then,  he stayed and lived
in Surabaya. studied at Ming Kwang elementary School Surabaya and completed his High School at Chung Hwa High School
in 1958, as soon as he graduated from Chung Hwa High School,  was offered the position of Mandarin, History, Music,
and Athletic teacher for the school.

In 1961, he continued his study in rubber industry in Bogor and finished it. However, he decided not to pursue his
career in rubber industry but he chose to dedicate his life to teaching music and  never stopped teaching until this
very day.  

Solomon married Esther Karlina Magawe ini 1967. She has been a piano teacher since 1964 until today. She is now the
principal of Surabaya SSO International School of Orchestral Music and has produced hundreds of excellent student.

His music
1952Awed by the voices of choirs, he finally fulfilled his dream by becoming a member of a church choir in 1953.
1957Decided to dedicate his life to music, and started his debut in music and career as a music teacher at almamater Chung Hwwa High School.
1958 - SkrgPresent, never stopped teaching choirs, and has conducted approximately 120 choirs both nationally and internationally.
1962 - SkrgPresent, has been invited as a guest lecturer, a conductor, guest conductor in Jakarta, Malang, Semarang, Bogor, Bandung, Blitar, Lawang, and other cities.
1970 - 1998Was a music lecturer at Southeast Asia Theological Seminary in Malang.
1988 - 1989Stayed in USA and was invited to train the choir of Chinese Christian Reformed Church in Los Angeles for two years.
1986He was a music lecturer at Wilwatikta School of Arts. He also taught Philosophy and Music Aesthetics.
1988Established Surabaya Music School which was closed in 1990.
1989 - 2002Was a lecturer of Philosophy and Church Music Appreciation at Petra Christian university and trained the choir.
1996Present,established Surabaya Symphony Orchestra and has been dedicating his life as the teacher and the Conductor for ten years without receiving salaries and has written more than 150 music orchestration repertoire.
1997Founded Surabaya Oratorio Society and Elyon School of Music in Surabaya.
2001Founded Surabaya Symphony Orchestra International School of Orchestral Music on November 1, 2001.

His Vocal
1956Learnt vocal technique from Madame Le Clerg Ardisch Van Hammel.
1958Soon after the Dutch left Indonesia, he took another vocal lesson from Magda Ang.
1962 - SkrgPresent, studied advance vocal technique, orchestral instruments through self taught method.
1986Present, Performing in varieties of ceremonies and chuch services in Taipe, Manila, Xia Men, Singapore, LosAngeles, and a number of cities in USA, as well as Malaysia.
1991 - 1993He was a jury member and the head of jury for East Java National Radio and Television Star contest.
1980 - 2003Dedicated his time to Surabaya and east Java Regional Choir Competition as the chief and counselor of the committee.
1996Was the supervisor of national Church Choir Competition in Surabaya.

1953 He confirmed his faith in God as an adult in public at Tiong Hwa Kie Tok Kauw Hwee Chinese Church in Surabaya.
1962Became a member of the church board.
1971 - 1986Was the chairman of Trinitas Abdiel Christian Church board in Surabaya.
1976Founded Abdiel Christian Church Synod.
1985Founded Trinitas Medical Clinic in Surabaya.
1986Founded Theological Seminary of Injili Abdi Allah.
1994Founded Visi & Misi Businessmen Fellowship.
1999Founded Visi & Misi Education Foundation.