Hi classic music fans!

Last February, several events had been held by Surabaya Symphony Orchestra (SS0), one of which was Duo Violin & Piano Concert, presenting pianist Teguh Sukaryo (Indonesia) and violinist Mathias Boegner (Swiss/German), on 18 February 2011. You can read the review on our home page.

This March, SSO is having Piano Recital, presenting pianist Geoffrey Saba (London), on 16 March 2011 at SSO Auditorium, Jl. Gengtengkali No. 15, 4th Floor - Surabaya. Besides that, our guest pianist from London is also giving masterclass on 15 March 2011. Fro those interested in watching the Piano Recital or joining the masterclass, please contact us at SSO Office at (031) 531 3297, 534 2440.

In addition to the events mentioned earlier, International School of Orchestral Music (ISOM) is holding 27th SSO & Classico Award Concert "Beginners Concert & 12th Da Capo Graduation" on 20 March 2011, at SSO Auditorium. There will be students of ISOM performing and the 12th graduation ceremony of Da Capo class.

Artist of the Month for this month is Evgeny Kissin. He is a Russian pianist born in Moscow in October 1971. At the age of 6, he joined a special school for gifted children, Moscow Gnessin School of Music. Since then, his skill in piano amazingly fast improved and by the age of 10, Evgenny Kissin started his concerto debute, playing Mozart Piano Concerto K. 466. Plenty of achievements has he recieved, like Herbert von Karajan Music Prize, Achievement for Honorary Member of RoyalAcademy of Music in London, bestowed with Honorary Doctorate of Music  by ManhattanSchool of Music. Please visit http://www.kissin.dk/ for more information.

The lucky member of SSO website for March 2011 is Vivi Mery, Jl. Perak Barat 67 - Surabaya. For more information and gift collection, please come to SSO Office at Jl. Gentengkali No. 15, 3rd & 4th Floor, Surabaya, Ph. (031) 531 3297.

Keep following Music Education on SSO website. Last month, we discussed on STRING QUARTET VS STRING QUINTET. This month it is about BAROQUE STRING MUSIC. From this discussion, we know a lot of new knowledge, such as old viola and cello made use of fret just like guitar; starting from 1600 both instruments stopped using fret and resulted in the development of technique and new configuration, which influence the motive, rhythmic and harmony on music pieces of Baroque Period and even until today..., Read on the Music Education column on our home page for more. More interesting information are on the way, only at www.surabayasymphonyorchestra.com. See you then.

Let There be Music !