Let There Be
oleh :
Sam W. Tong
General Manager dari SSO
The existence of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra in Indonesia in general and Surabaya in particular, reflects its motto, "Let There Be Music". A very simple get clear statement ; however, considering the situation and condition in Indonesia, it may even develop to a more complicated questions : ?Does a society choose the type of music to be ?their music? or does a type of music form a certain society ?" It is indeed simpler for us to understand that types of music could be decided by a society?s preference or choice , hence causes the existence of society?s music. Nevertheless, it is totally uneasy for us to introduce a type of music to a society who have chosen theirown music, r.e. Indonesian people with their popular "dangdut" music. This kind of music has deeply rooted into the lives of Indonesian people for hundred of years, and as a result, it is very hard for them to be opened and to accept other alternatives of music ; even with the understanding of needs to own and accept classical music as the global "language" in order to pursue a certain international standard.

A number of people realize the importance of this insight and they decided to build and recruit members of a foundation in 1996, namely Surabaya Symphony Orchestra. The vision and mission are very clear, that is to create classical enthusiasts of Indonesian people by means of founding a permanent orchestra with more fifty members as it is the oldest orchestra in Indonesia establish with international standard of a symphony orchestra. Surabaya Symphony Orchestra continually presents concerts of which total numbers in this year, the 10th anniversary, is 48 concerts. This also means that in average we hold five concerts every years, a number which exceeds our original commitment to Surabaya community, that was three to four concerts every year in the beginning.

Although at present we have three thousands to four thousands loyal audiences in Surabaya, who always support our concerts, we are fully aware that what we have done in the past ten years has not achieved our motto that is "Let There Be Music". There are plenty of meaningful efforts that we should do more. In accordance to this, we ask to whomever shares the same vision and mission to join us hand in hand through Surabaya Symphony Orchestra in bringing this country a degree higher in the vision of the global world.