by :
Solomon Tong
Residence Dirigen
Surabaya Symphony Orchestra meets the challenge of forming the community of classical music.  

Dear friends of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra.
Surabaya Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit oriented music organization founded in December 1996. It was declared officially through its inaugural concert at Westin Hotel Surabaya. Surabaya Symphony Orchestra undertakes whole heartedly its motto :

"Bringing music to the community and let there be music"

our vision and mission can be understood as follows :
  • Gathering musicians into an organization, rehearsing together in routine, playing good music as well as developing their talents.
  • Bringing classical music and introducing them to the people of Surabaya in particular, and Indonesia in general.
  • Undertaking both Indonesian and international educational and cultural duties through the teaching of music to young generation.
  • Presenting quality concerts to classical music enthusiasts as a from of cultural mission.

It requires 5 key conditions to support an immense orchestra that holds an international code of ethics :

  • Organized healthily and with certain capacity
  • Led by a leader who is accepted and trusted by societies
  • Competent and professional musicians on board as members
  • The possession of abundant and complete repertoire that could meet the needs of the audience
  • Loyal audience with etiquette and moral

Furthermore, Surabaya Symphony Orchestra based itself on some components that act as the posts of four corners of a pyramid, strong underneath in support to the peak point of the pyramid, that is Surabaya Symphony Orchestra.

The existence of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra has brought about pride to the people of Surabaya, meeting the challenge of one requirement of Surabaya as a metropolitan city ; thus fulfilling the needs of quality music presentation through education and classical music concerts which have been done by Surabaya Symphony Orchestra.