It has been 17 years since the founding of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra (SSO) in December 1996. Every August, SSO regularly holds the Independence Day Concert. This year it is the 78th performance. As always, keeping the program entertaining and interesting, SSO invited a guest pianist from Germany, 6 vocalists, solo piano and violin, SSO string ensemble, SSO children choir and a massive choir of 100 members. The programs included overture, Indonesian songs, gospel songs, mass songs, art songs, opera arias, solo piano and violin, piano concerto; all were presented well to the audience.

Precisely at 7pm, the MC began the concert, 100 choir members were all seated on stage, creating seriousness and majesty to the room. For pre concert, SSO Children Choir sang "Three Little Maids from the School" from the opera "Mikado" by A. Sullivan. Accompaned by SSO Youth String Ensemble, the choir sang with motion, very entertaining. Then 2 children performed a piano duet, playing "Turkish March" by Beethoven. They played it very well and the audience applauded warmly.

At 7.15 pm the real concert was began with audience singing "Indonesia Raya" conducted by assstant conductor Daniel Chandra. This song really rose patriotism inside the heart of the audience. Next, an Overture "Die Fledermaus" (Bat) was presented. This piece has several modulations, tempo, rhythm and dynamic changes and was finally ended with grand loudness. Successfully, assistant conductor Daniel Chandra presented this piece.

Under the baton of SSO conductor Solomon Tong, the choir sang "Lebur Dalam Bakti"by Tri Suci Kamal. This song was started with altonhumming and 4-bar pentatonic style bass, followed with choir singing with patriotism towards the motherland. Next the choir sang a gospel song "Holy is He", with the main melody of a famous hymn holy..holy..holy, and ended in a long fortissimo release, very majestic.

Following were 3 vocalists. With his thick baritone Jusuf Suradi, singing a sacred Italian song called "Pieta Signore" - meaning O Lord Have Mercy - by Stradella. Then soprano Pricilla Tanjung singing opera aria "Don Giovanni" by W. A. Mozartnamed "Vedrai Carino". Taugt by Pauline Poegoeh, Pricilla began her debut in SSO concert W years ago and thus the audience have been familiar with her performance. In her clear voice, she managed to express the Mozart style of the song clearly and it was well suited for her voice. Her future in singing awaits Her.


Next a guest singer from Jakarta Bernadeta Tania sang 2 Indonesian songs: "Di Sela Rumput Hijau" and "Kasih dan Pelukis". In her typical Indonesian art song singer, she gained a warm appreciation from the audience. She had just graduated from vocal music faculty of IKJ in Jakarta and was her first time performing in Surabaya.

In the midst of her holiday, a teenage pianist Aerin Anggono played "Impromptu Op. 142" by F. Chopin. She was able to express the soul of Chopin the composer through a techniqe and deep understanding of the piece. She was one if the students of Mrs. Esther Karlina Magawe Tong and she started at a very young age. Now she is studying piano music performance at UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

After that, te xhoir performed 2 songs, "Seek Ye The Lord" by V. Robertand "Gloria" drom Nelson Mass by J. Haydn. Jusuf Suradi took the leadin voice of the first song and he did it very well. Then the choir followed in soft voice. Solo part and the choir sang simultaniously, made it beautiful to hear. For the second song, Pauline Poegoeh began with "Glorianin excelcis deo", then the choir followed wit the same words. In the middle 4 singers: Pauline, Lois, Jusuf and Sam sang solo part and followed by the xhoir. The character of classic was feltbeautifully and sweetly. The choir of 100 members sang very well for the majesty and glory of our God.


Vocalist Cythia Setiawan performed an Italian lieder named "L'invito" by Rossini, in a quick tempo, accomoanied by pianist Mrs. Esther. She sang it really well. She has been studying music performance program in Taiwan trained by Ms. Yi Lin-Hsu, a Doctor of Music from U.C. Santa Barbara and she has shown significant improvement. She will definitely be a professional singer.

Sam W. Tong, a bass singer, sang a song from modern opera "Les Miserables" entitled "Empty Chairs on The Empty Tables". He is fond of broadway style and has been repeatedly performed successfully in SSO concert and the audience love him.


The violinist Grace Rozella Soetedja played "Zigeunerweisen" by Pablo de Sarasate, a pieve that requires a very high technique; glizando, spicatto, staccato, piccicato, left and right hand plucking are also needed. At the begining, in andante tempo, in flowing sound and beautiful expression, long and short streamline, up and down, all are felt. The the end of the piece, the tempo wentup rapidly and supernfast, yet she was able to play it very well. A long warm applaude was earned from the audience.


A guest pianist from Germany Alexander Moseler played "Concerto in D Minor BWV 1052" by J. S. Bach. With his high skill and technique, the baroque character, seriusnessn clean fingering, phrasing, episode, and theme were so clear, harmonious with the accompaniment of the orchestra of which members are 40 musicians. Baroque styke requires personal emotional understanding without any tempo guidelines or dynamic. Alex really showed a quality performance of a maestro and master odpf barogue. Experts in music said: "If you wish to be a succesfull musician, master barogue jusic, especially the ones composed by J. S. Bach...", and Alex did it.


Coloratura soprano Pauline Poegoeh sang 2 songs :"Embun" an Indonesian art song, in which a cadenza was composed by Mr. Solomon Tong, and the high note reached hi-D. She managed it very well. The second sing was an opwra aria "La Boheme" named "Si, mi chiamano Mimi" by G. Pucinni, a favourite of opera lovers and she sang it impressively perfect.

The choir closed the concert in 2 opera songs. The first was from the opera "Cavalwri Rusticana" by Mascagni called "Come Let Us Sing", the sedond drom rhe opera "Fauat" by C. Gounod called "Redemption". Pauline took the solo part of both songs. As for the choir, they surely managed to show their ability after going through hard rehearsals for as long as 3,5 months. Theyended the concert giving all praise and glory to God.

The Independence Day Concert was ended perfectly, attended by consuls, spiritual leaders, educators, businessmen and board members of SSO. The 79th concert, the Christmas Concert, will be held on 10 December 2013. For further info, please visit our website